Services and Rates

In-home visits:

$25 per visit (for care of up to 6 pets)

$30 per visit (for care of over 6 pets)

Each visit includes:



20 minute walk or play time

Potty clean up

We customize each visit to suit your pets needs

whatever your pets need we can provide. 

We also offer indoor plant watering, mail pick up,

and taking out the trash at no extra charge.

You get text or e-mail updates after every visit

A FREE pre-sitting visit is provided to discuss your pets needs.

We Charge an additional $5 per visit on the following holidays:

Christmas Eve

Thanksgiving day

Christmas Day


New Years Eve

Labor Day

New Years Day

July 4th

Horse Care:

$10 Barn and Stall Cleaning (up to 5 stalls)

+$5 for each additional stall

$5 Brush out (mane, tail, body)

We provide care for horses too! So if you have horses or ponies you can include daily blanketing, putting on fly masks and spray, and turn-out at no additional fee.

Barn and stall cleaning can be done at an additional fee.

Dog Walking:

$25 per walk

Packages: (must be used within 30 days of purchase)

$90 for 4 walks ($10 savings)

$175 for 8 walks ($25 savings)

$265 for 12 walks ($35 savings)

All walks are up to 30 minutes long.

If you have multiple dogs we are able to walk up to 3 dogs at a time at an additional $5 per dog or $3 per dog if you are buying a dog walking package.

Grooming Services:

$10 Nail trimming

Brush outs:

$5 Horses (body, mane, tail)

$5- $20 Dogs & Cats

Owner must be on site for nail trims and horse clipping.

Nail trims can be provided during pre-sitting visit

These services are only available in addition to pet sitting visit

Are you interested in using Heartland for your pet sitting needs?

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